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Rapid Church Planting
Strategy | RCPS

A Place Of Evangelism

Nothing compares to the joy of the Great Commission. This is why we make it a point to encourage every member of our church to reach out to those of his own county. It is through this concern and genuine commitment to one another that we intend to evangelize every county where each of our members come from.

A Place Of Worship

The Primary reason why Christian believers meet is to focus attention to God giving him our worship and receiving his blessing and inspiration we desire each county to have such a special place for such spiritual enrichment.

RCPS - Gospel Centres International

A Place Of Discipleship

To us studying the Bible is vital because it not only instructs us intellectually but it also guides us spiritually. We believe it and accept it fully as God’s word to man. Jesus commanded us not only to preach but to teach whatsoever he had taught his disciples, this is what we intend to do in every county that we shall reach.

A Place Of Service

Just like Jesus came not to be ministered to but to minister, we accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others. This applies both within the church and in taking this gospel to many others in our counties who have never heard it and discipling them as it was done to us.

Our goal

  1. To plan definite and radical involvement in evangelism and church planting outreaches
  2. To focus on sustained prayer for church planting in every country and beyond
  3. To commit significant manpower and financial resources to charge planting initiatives

How The Strategy Works

  1. By Adopting a County 
  2. By Prayer
  3. Through Evangelism
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Resource Mobilization

We invite you to be part of this great harvest of souls by adopting one of the 47 counties.

You can participate in the following ways.

  1.  By adopting your own county as a member of Gospel Centres International.
  2. Adopting a country as a friend of the Gospel Centres International.
  3. Adopting a county as one of our ministry partners of Gospel Centres International.

And Moses said to the children of Gad and to the children of Reuben: “Shall your brethren go to war while you sit here? Number 32:6